“Be You, Everyone Else is Taken” Oscar Wilde

I’m a sensitive being. For many years I struggled with my intense empathy for other people and for animals. Only in the past few years have I become more aware of how to channel my empathy into an empowered offering. I’ve come to see that my sensitivity is actually one of my gifts in helping others, and my  one of my greatest strengths. I like to call it kindness.

I became a vegetarian almost 20 years ago. Starting out I didn’t know how to make the best nutritional choices, but over the years and with so much more information on the benefits of a plant-based diet, I have continued to create and fine tune a lifestyle that not only makes me feel the best physically but also brings the most joy.

Globally love is back! We are seeing a huge shift in awareness to share our light and love to create lasting change and healing for all beings. I think we are embarking on the age where kindness is cool and part of what’s required to help create a more compassionate earth. Here I share recipes, stories and insights that are reflections of this. Enjoy!

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