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Power of Peppermint!

During my incredible Yoga Teacher Training in Boulder, go 90 Monkeys! I noticed how I wasn't the only one packing peppermint oil around. Being in training for 8+ hours a day I had my arsenal of natural remedies with me at all times, but the staple was peppermint oil.  I have to first explain that [...]

Healthy Digestion…Healthy, Happy You!

By now most of us have heard about probiotics, digestive enzymes, gut health etc. I consider myself pretty healthy and I try to eat thoughtful, unprocessed foods, that are nutrient dense at most meals. But eating great or a yogurt a day can still leave some of us with bloated, irritated stomachs after eating. Here [...]

MUUV People-Gail Slaughter

Dear Readers, This MUUV People story was extra special to create and work on with our story interviewee Gail Slaughter. It was fun to created a new Proust-type questionnaire for our MUUV People format, and this is our debut! The interview consists of eleven questions with a minimum of five being answered. I think the [...]