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Yoga Paired with Structural Integration Creates Magic! (Or – Who is that strange woman in the MUUV studio?)

Meet Pam Blackledge: I have been working in the beautiful MUUV studio now for over a year, and wanted to take the opportunity, albeit a few months later than I meant, to introduce myself and my practice of Structural Integration. Structural Integration is a form of hands-on bodywork that manipulates your connective tissue, (called fascia), [...]

Power of Peppermint!

During my incredible Yoga Teacher Training in Boulder, go 90 Monkeys! I noticed how I wasn't the only one packing peppermint oil around. Being in training for 8+ hours a day I had my arsenal of natural remedies with me at all times, but the staple was peppermint oil.  I have to first explain that [...]