Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 7.51.53 PMBy now most of us have heard about probiotics, digestive enzymes, gut health etc. I consider myself pretty healthy and I try to eat thoughtful, unprocessed foods, that are nutrient dense at most meals. But eating great or a yogurt a day can still leave some of us with bloated, irritated stomachs after eating. Here are few newer tips I’ve come across to help you process your food correctly and get the nutrition you need out of your food as well.

1. A good place to start is to take a probiotic daily. This could be in the form of a supplement, fermented food, yogurt, or drinking some kombucha.  Changing it up from time to time can be good too.

2. Try eating more coconut oil, throw a tablespoon in your morning oatmeal! The anit-fungal properties found in coconut oil help kill candida, a common problem for people with digestive issues.

3. Make sure you take time to chew your food! Eating slowly with the breath, allows the body energetically to respond to the food, and utilize it in the highest way.

4. Start you day with warm water and lemon to get your digestion going.

5. Try not to drink water when you eat. Or limit your intake. Drinking, even water when you eat can reduce the levels of hydrochlorich acid in your stomach. This acid helps kill bacteria and digest your foods. Drink less for about an hour around your meals.

6. And this one is my new fav. I’m sure it’s an old tradition, but I never knew! Soak your nuts! Soak nuts for 12 hours in water with a little salt and lay them out to dry before eating. Soaking reduces toxic substances and inhibitors that occur naturally. Soaking reduces these toxins and allows the nutrients to be better absorbed.

To your happy gut, happy you!