Boise yoga class - MUUV Yoga Boise


Located off of Walnut Street, right on the Greenbelt near Parkcenter, MUUV Yoga and Dance is a beautifully lit studio space in the treetops, overlooking the flowing Boise River.

MUUV offers a wide array of yoga and dance classes, as well as workshops for any level of practitioner.  There are classes everyday and new pop-up events and workshops always in the works, so stay connected !

Whether you are here to dance expressively, flow, or quiet the mind in yoga, there is always a spot for you here in our treehouse.

“I’ve come to know that it’s never one thing that makes us feel complete, but many things that nourish the different aspects of who we are. The deep self reflection that comes with a powerful yoga practice can be balanced out with letting go in a loud and upbeat dance class. I search for teachers that I feel are the “best of the best,” and resonate deeply with myself and the space.”
– Mikayla, Owner of MUUV Yoga Boise studio

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From all of us at MUUV, we look forward to seeing you in the treehouse!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

The MUUV Treehouse Tribe