What The Horse Whispered
IMG_4568When we pray, when we ask for direction and guidance from the universe, we have no idea in what form we will be answered. I gave up long ago asking for what I wanted, only simply to be shown and directed. So when by chance you are invited to come into a horse’s life, and the herd of 10 horses he lives with, well, you say YES! At least I did. I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me with this proposition; like I was coming home to a part of myself I didn’t know, or forgot about. I felt my body and heart light up with knowing that this was a very important part of my life’s journey even though I didn’t know why, and I am still discovering all the gifts it brings to me everyday.

One thing I’ve had driven home by putting myself in close proximity with the horses daily is, they are huge mirrors. As a person who understands energy and stillness, a horse as well as all animals will tell you exactly where you are energetically and what kind of intention you have for your time together. They are masters of non-verbal communication. I know we can choose to communicate as humans this way as well, but if you really want to put it to the test, get quiet enough to see what they have to say, and draw them forth simply with the intention and visualization in your mind and heart. We are responsible for our energy, and what we contribute to every encounter and space we walk in to.

Cody has brought so many lessons in such a short period of time. Seven days a week of teaching, learning and a special kind of therapy rolled into one. The horses are driving home one thing I have always felt as a truth, that is we are all connected. Humans have such a huge responsibility and opportunity to truly SEE what is around them. Until we willingly wipe the cobwebs around our heart and mind away and leave our egos at the door, we are missing out on the beautiful blessings and miracles all life on earth bring. Cody is my guru of zen, my walking mediation partner in crime. I can’t wait until tomorrow and see where the journey is going to take us!