Mikayla Latta: Life Coach

You are already perfect! You have everything you need inside. When we get stuck in life, sometimes what we require is a new insight or opportunity for reflection to get us back on the track of our truth. Partnering with a life coach is an empowering step toward taking ownership of your life and manifesting your heart’s desires for peace, happiness and abundance.

If you have found yourself at a wall, confused or afraid, Mikayla would love to work with you as a life coach. Leading you to what you already hold within. Breaking through the blocks and establishing a new toolbox of resources for your highest vision of success. Mikayla is excited to learn what it is that you want to create to start living your miraculous life.

What the clients are saying…

“As a busy mom of three, a wife, and a small business owner I was looking for a little support and I found it in Mikayla. I was going through a new phase in my life where I was opening up to my spirituality and was a little unsure about the best way to navigate the new territory. There was a point I reached in my life where I could use a gentle nudge in the right direction.

“I received an opportunity to work with Mikayla and I’m very grateful I did. Through our sessions together I really found a new comfort and peace with the season of life I am in. Mikayla helped me by truly listening with her heart in an authentic and warm way. She shared inspirational guidance with me that lead me to feel more grounded and comfortable with what I was experiencing at the time. Her ability to verbally reflect back to me what I was sharing with her served as a true gift for my own clarity. I plan to continue my work with her because she has been a wonderful influence for my personal growth. I would unreservedly recommend Mikayla if you are seeking more peace, deeper connection to spirit, better clarity, and fabulous abundance.” — J. Stevens


Curious if a life coach is right for you?

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone call with Mikayla today.To schedule your sessions please email or call Mikayla: m@muuvyogaboise.com or 208-440-8307

In need of some spiritual coaching?

Mikayla works with clients as either a life or spiritual coach, sometimes even both. A spiritual life coach can be a powerful tool for someone who wants to connect to a higher source of inspiration. If you crave to learn more about spirituality and how it can help you find freedom to living a more supported and miraculous life then please contact Mikayla via our contact page.


“As a life coach participant, I have been able to work through things that were standing in the way of being truly happy. With Mikayla’s help, I was able to truly identify blocks and work past them. I have a deeper appreciation now for life, for the small and large experiences, and how even the shortest moment of self-reflection and re-direction can turn a day that might be daunting into a challenge that I can overcome with ease. Truly appreciated all of Mikayla’s insights, her thoroughness and her thoughtfulness. Would recommend going through life coaching with her whole heartedly.” — B. O’neill


Looking for a life coach and private yoga sessions?

Are you interested in learning more about yoga? Are you looking to increase your awareness of yoga and bring more fulfillment to your life?

If you answered yes, then a blended session of yoga and coaching may be right for you.  A blended session is a combination of yoga and coaching that can vary each session as needed. 

“Mikayla Latta is one of those rare people blessed with a generous and understanding spirit combined with a mind of powerful insights. She is a highly skilled life coach. She Cares!! Mikayla helped me help myself to finally move beyond longstanding personal obstacles and on to a meaningful and positive future.” — N. Casner

Life Coach Prices and Packages
Single Session: $100.00
Trio Pack: $285
2X a Month Life Coach Package: $170/per month *3 Month Commitment

Purchase your life coach session here. Please contact me to schedule the session via email or phone: m@muuvyogaboise.com or 208-440-8307

Thank you for being the light!

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