Dear Readers,

This MUUV People story was extra special to create and work on with our story interviewee Gail Slaughter. It was fun to created a new Proust-type questionnaire for our MUUV People format, and this is our debut! The interview consists of eleven questions with a minimum of five being answered. I think the questions really give some insight into the special person we dance, do yoga with, laugh and share with every week.

I hope you enjoy this very special MUUV-Proust with Gail Slaughter. I know after reading this, my admiration for her and inspiration created by her only deepened. Thank you Gail for sharing some of your special life’s moments with us and your humor and grace. You are a joy to all.


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Gail (in center) with her yoga teacher Jenny Lewis on the left and fellow yogi Tamara Nagoda, showing us what years of practice can look like!

Where and when are you happiest? With my family; husband Wayne, son Adam, son Ben and his wife Sara and 2 year old grandson Benny, and my Golden Retriever, Indy…preferably on a hike in Sun Valley. After that…going full blast in Jenny Lewis’s yoga class or PPS at MUUV!

What is a favorite memory from childhood? Winning my first ribbon in a horse show and learning to drive (while smoking cigars) with my Dad.

What was your favorite occupation and why? I worked for thirty-six years as a high school teacher and counselor, mostly in the Boise School District. I loved almost all of it, but the job that stands out the most was the one I liked the least, but ironically brought me the most recognition. I was working in another school district with a highly at risk population. It was a difficult job for a variety of reasons..not the least of which was that my office was a (very thinly) walled off part of the boys bathroom! Ugh. It gave new meaning to working in a…well, you get it. I got the Governor’s Award from then governor Cecil Andrus for the program I created for those kids…but showing up everyday was an act of sheer determination and test of character.

What things in your life do you most cherish? Family, friendship, health, beauty of all kinds, and animals.

If you could make anything happen, what would it be? Ending violence to humans and animals; so unnecessary, and just stupid. On a more personal level, I would like my 25 year old body back.

What is an attribute you most admire in others? Equal parts kindness, humor, intelligence and energy.

Other than the physical health benefit, why do you exercise? Hmmm. I love it. It is my way of expressing myself and my form of meditation. I love the connection with and energy of the amazing people with whom I practice yoga and dance.

After a week of workouts how do you reward yourself? Movies, a little shopping (hello Fancy Pants, MUUV Boutique and lululemon), coffee with friends, reading, hiking with my dog. More workouts.

What is the best thing youʼve done in your life so far? Helping to raise two amazing boys, whom I love so much. And I climbed a 23000 ft mountain in the Himalayas!

What dreams that are still waiting for you? Traveling, writing the children’s book that rattles around in my head, enjoying what each day brings.
Ok, and still hoping for the 25 year old body, better yet a way better one, to show up.

From top left: Gail jumping her horse Missy – 1979.  With her husband Wayne in the early 1980s. With friends at MUUV. With fellow dancers.

From top left: Gail jumping her horse Missy – 1979. With her husband Wayne in the early 1980s. With friends at MUUV. With fellow dancers.