Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 8.30.30 PMDuring my incredible Yoga Teacher Training in Boulder, go 90 Monkeys! I noticed how I wasn’t the only one packing peppermint oil around. Being in training for 8+ hours a day I had my arsenal of natural remedies with me at all times, but the staple was peppermint oil.  I have to first explain that I am very sensitive to smells, especially perfumes of any kind (chemicals), smoke from incense etc. I think more people than not would admit to having a sensitivity to toxic smells, or may have a  sensitivity to the perfume or cologne they wear even if they haven’t yet identified where those nasty headaches might be coming from.

Without really knowing how awesome it was I started using peppermint essential oil at MUUV  several years ago in the heating vents during winter and little diffusers during summer. Over and over I have heard people tell me how great the place smelled or ask what it was. Never once have I had someone report a sensitivity to it. I was drawn to it for the studio for the clean, refreshing energy it brought to the space. As time has gone on I have discovered more and more uses for it. I’ll share some below! Note: Not all peppermint essential oils brands offer the perfect peppermint smell.  I have tried a few and always come back to the NOW brand. Buy organic if you can. 

1. Diffuse it! It will wake your space up like nothing else. Peppermint has been known to give athletes a natural boost before workouts. Put a few drops in your hands, and breathe it in deep!

2. Put a few drops in your water when you’re tired or before a workout for a natural lift! (experiment with how much you like and can handle, too much can cause a flushing, or heating of sorts)

3. Use it to ease pain on shoulders and neck. Typically it’s recommended to blend an essential oil with a carrier like coconut oil before applying directly to skin. I have found I don’t need it, and rub it on my neck and shoulders directly for instant pain relief. Definitely check your skin for sensitivity before doing this. And make sure to wash your hands! Peppermint in the eye is no fun. Using peppermint is also a great alternative to Tiger Balm, (a very popular muscle rub) as it’s free of the petroleum.

4. Help an upset stomach by rubbing some on the belly, drinking a little or putting a few drops on the tongue.

5. I’m sure you could also make some awesome candies or cookies with it, but I don’t find myself baking much to have tried any recipes yet!  🙂

I hope you found this insightful and might be inspired to buy some pure essential peppermint oil the next time you are at your natural food market. Love to hear other ways you might come to use it!