Mikayla’s yoga teaching style contains a beautiful acceptance as well as an invitation to go deeper. She embraces the whole of the class while simultaneously supporting the individual journey. So beautiful!

Sven Brown

I absolutely loved the 4 wk Introduction To Yoga Series with Mikayla. I’ve recently returned to yoga after taking a few years off due to shoulder issues. After taking your series, I have more confidence to practice safely in any class, with any teacher, and know my limits. Mikayla’s teaching demeanor and explanation of poses and proper body alignment, with yoga philosophy woven in, made the class dynamic. Thank You!

Jenny C

Beginner PPS with Celeste is a confidence boosting, calorie destroying hour of blissed-out dance fun. Leading by example, Celeste suffuses each of her classes with inspiration to express oneself freely, shake off stress, and enjoy being in the moment. Saturday morning PPS is a fantastic opportunity to improve your dance skills while getting fit in a setting of total acceptance.

Karris K

I love muuv it has the most amazing view of the river. A perfect place to practice.

Duane O

My favorite space! Love the warm welcome from the staff, it’s like a gauntlet of love from the moment you walk in the door. The windows and light are gorgeous, and listening to the river flow by right outside is so peaceful & grounding. I look forward to going to this place like I’m the favorite out-of-town relative who is home for the holidays, or like I’m going on vacation just a skip away from home.

Sherri Battazzo

Marcy Midnight is a great yoga teacher. Her classes are perfect for core, balance and the foundation of inverted poses. The classes are geared to build heat from within, which I love. I would recommend her classes for many reasons. She is extremely knowledgable about her craft so the classes are very informative too. I take her classes on Wednesday and Friday and it makes my whole week complete.

Kathy G

This is the most refreshing, welcoming, healthy, open uplifting, nurturing space. It is full of positive energy and has been my favorite space and my favorite kind of movement I have ever done with my body and my soul.

Rebecca J.

My spirit is lifted each and every time I enter this studio! Mikayla and her instructors always share a bit of wisdom that brightens my day. The classes invigorate and refresh your body and mind! I am so thankful for this wonderful place that Mikayla put together with tremendous joy and love.

Vanessa H.

For those of you who have never taken yoga from an amazing instructor and not to mention a beautiful studio….you really should! I had the craziest day ever and had 1 hour of complete peace at MUUV with Jenny Lewis as my teacher. Seriously, the best stress relief in the world!!!!!!!

Tiffany H.

I always look forward to Marcy’s classes at MUUV. Marcy combines thoughtfully composed yoga sequences with inspirational readings, poetry and yoga wisdom to create an always inspiring class in what has to be Boise’s most beautiful yoga studio. Thank you, Marcy.

Catherine H

I was in Boise visiting a friend and wanted to do a little activity one day, so we were searching for pilates or yoga studios when we came upon the Muuv website. We did Power Party Sculpt and it was so much fun! Got a great workout (both of our backs were so sore the next day!) and listened to some really fun, uplifting music. It’s sort of like Zumba, but the music is better and more diverse in genres, and the routine is less about getting the footwork right the first time and more about just moving your body starting from your torso. A star goes to the beautiful space (complimentary towels for your sweat–you’ll need them!–, showers, beautiful windows and hardwood floors). Another star goes to the people who work there. I was worried it was gonna be very hippy-dippy and a little pretentious, and instead everyone was super friendly (even when we arrived late) and outgoing and totally down to earth. Wish they would open one in Portland!

Dana K. - Portland, OR

LOVE the ambience of Muuv…. I feel like I’m at a five star spa……great PLACE for finding total mind and body enlightenment with an energizing yoga practice!

Becky K.

Going to MUUV is the best ME time EVER!!! It gives me beautiful surroundings, soothing atmosphere, amazing people and LOUD soul touching inspiring music to dance to. After giving so much of myself to my family, keeping our household running smoothly and working I get to come and de-stress, ground myself and restore my energies and just LET GO!


Yoga is my thing! I have done a class at this studio and just l.o.v.e. the entire environment. The folks there were super friendly and I know others who have seriously enjoyed the classes offered.

Jan. C

I just want to thank you Mikayla and Tom for opening the MUUV Yoga Boise studio. The spa like setting is exactly the kind of place I have been looking for in Boise. I have a BFA in dance and have taught at the Y and private studios for many years. As an artist I truly love the fact that Mikayla wants creativity to be a big part of this space. This is not a GYM. MUUV is a peaceful lovely place with beautiful floors, windows and energy. It is the perfect place for my style of dance fitness class. I feel honored to be a part of the staff. I love it here! Many thanks.

Jole Voulelis

Thank you so much for your wonderful introduction to Qi Gong. I truly enjoyed the peaceful, yet stimulating, experience. I am looking forward to Monday evenings! Wow, the space is so beautiful! I have never had the pleasure of moving in an indoor space that feels like it’s outside. What a treat to see the river, and the setting sun. Thank you for providing such a treasure.

A. Moran

This past Fall I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a Qigong class for women at Muuv while the studio was still at its beginnings, not yet open. From the very first instant my students and I found the place to be simply perfect. The sun setting through the tree tops reflecting into the walls, the Boise river outside running perennial, clearing the energy of the space for something new, the beautiful wood floors, the rich color of the walls; even by being indoors I felt we were communing with nature outside, practicing Qigong together… Indeed the Muuv space has poetry and it is inspiring; it will be a space for all moods, for the body to find more space within and without, for dancing hard or relaxing, for sharing kindness, for freedom of being. and more…

Marisol Mayell

Dancing through the ages. As a five year old child I remember my dad trying to teach me to dance to early 70’s rock music. In my teens and 20’s I could dance for hours in 4-inch heels and sometimes on roller skates! Then in my 30’s something happened, I got married, had children, a career, commitments, obligations, the list goes on… ten years later… rediscovering Dance and movement in my 40’s has been the best reawakening I ever experienced. Six years ago I was diagnosed with SAD. One year ago I found Deep Dance Experience. One year later I thought, “I could have, should have, been dancing that whole time!” I went looking for exercise and found ME.


Dancing or doing anything at MUUV is a joy. It is sometimes so filled with sun light, that it’s like being in a warm blanket all through your time there. Because of the size it sometimes feels like my personal space, a home even. For me the sunlight and energy of the space stays with me after I leave. I am looking forward to many more days of experiencing that.


Wow what a find, I have been dreaming of a fusion yoga type studio with a view and MUUV is a dream come true…with a sunset class the lighting was as enveloping as the space & the deep dance extreme energy… thx Vicki Hodge for the tip & the nudge, thx Mikayla Latta for bring something so cool to Boise:)


Standing in the MUUV space, it radiates light and well, space but not any kind of space. It is the kind of space that allows things to happen. That kind of space that makes your entire being feel open, that allows pure space to fill your insides, clear out the clutter and make way for new possibilities, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I am excited to be a part of MUUV.

Joni Carlo